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Usability Study: Trouble Shooting Guide

Client: AT&T

Product: DIRECTV

· qualitative,usability study,messaging,remote study

Note. The original findings below have been replaced with fictitious data in order to honor client confidentiality and the NDA.


DIRECTV is a satellite TV service. With any product, there are error that occur. When unsolved, customers call technicians for support. One way to reduce the costs of deploying technicians is for customers to be able to use a trouble shooting guide to resolve their problems.

This leads an opportunity to further design a TV experience for customers to self trouble shoot problems with their service. One way is through a video like below. Another way is to design a trouble shooting experience within the product itself.

The Present Study

The purpose of this study is to unpack how participants understand the flow, copy, images, and usability of the trouble shooting guide and identify usability issues

I conducted a remote usability study on, in particular focusing on the flow, copy, images, and usability. I used a usability severity scale (No Usability Issues, Minor Usability Issues, Serious Usability Issue, and Critical Usability issue) to identify pain points of the new design of the trouble shooting guide.

Business Impact

As a result, the messaging and flow were improved based on the User Issue Severity Scale. Finally, the updated trouble shooting guide was deployed for customers to self trouble shoot. In doing so, this reduces the number of technicians deployed and thereby reducing company costs.

Furthermore, based on a quarterly satisfaction survey of DIRECTV customers, satisfaction with "Helpfulness of the Information of the Error Messages" increased in 11 percentage points from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020. Furthermore, customer calls decreased over 70% for self care trouble shooting guides developed in the product.

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