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Survey: Understanding Messaging During Commercial Breaks

Client: AT&T

Product: DIRECTV and AT&T TV NOW

· quantitative,survey,messaging,remote study

Note. The original findings below have been replaced with fictitious data in order to honor client confidentiality and the NDA.

Background and Context

AT&T TV is an entertainment TV set top box. Not all commercial air time can be sold. Therefore, short filler commercial breaks are added in to fill the air time.

The Present Study

The purpose of this study is to optimize the messaging on advertising and assess and analyze differences (if any) in users’ understanding of possible messages during unfilled commercial air time.

I tested two commercial messages on an online survey on I randomly assigned users to see one of the two messages and asked them to rate on a Likert scale on the message's directness, complexity, and informativeness.

Business Impact

COMMERCIAL BREAK IN PROGRESS: The program you're watching will return shortly was statistically more informative than the other commercial message. As a result, messaging during Commercial Breaks were updated to as follow. This messaging currently airs during unfilled commercial breaks.


Furthermore, based on a monthly satisfaction survey of DIRECTV and AT&T TV NOW customers, satisfaction with "Clarity of Messages on My TV" increased in 7 percentage points from September 2019 to October 2019.

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