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Survey: Channel Tuning Using the

AT&T TV Remote Control

Client: AT&T

Product: AT&T TV

· survey,hardware,quantitative

Note. The original findings below have been replaced with fictitious data in order to honor client confidentiality and the NDA.

Background and Context

AT&T TV is an entertainment TV set top box that comes with a voice controlled remote using Google Assistant. The video below shows one of the features of the AT&T TV remote.

The Present Study

The purpose of this study is quantitatively measure users' channel tuning behaviors and preferences on the remote. There is a specific focus on direct channel tuning using the number buttons on the AT&T TV remote remote control since traditional channel tuning uses buttons on the remote.

I collected survey data on users' remote usage, in particular focusing on tuning to live channels. In particular, I was interested in comparing the Google Voice Assistant, a unique feature of AT&T TV, to traditionally entering channels on the number pad.

Business Impact

As a result, the Google Voice Assistant feature on the remote was heavily marketed. Further research, such as a literature review, was conducted on how to support new users to onboard users to the AT&T TV Google Voice Assistant feature on the remote.

After developing teaching tips about Google Voice, AT&T TV customers on a monthly survey stated their satisfaction increased by 14% with "Tuning to TV Channels," 7% of "Use of Voice Search," and 19% with "Ease of Use of the System" from February 2020 to March 2020.

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